Engine Component Reconditioning

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Reconditioning of engine components

Throughout the history of Twinco, the reconditioning and repair of diesel engine components has been a major part of our business. In our 4,000-square-metre workshop, situated between Hamburg city centre and Hamburg’s port, we recondition four-stroke engine components from virtually all manufacturers, including MAN, Wärtsilä, Himsen, Sulzer, Mak, Pielstick, Yanmar, Daihatsu, Deutz, Scania and Mitsubishi.

Marine engines are our passion

Precision, quality, reliability and on-time delivery: these are our commitments to the shipping and shipbuilding industries. Cylinder liners, pistons, cylinder heads, connecting rods and other components are all reconditioned to the manufacturer’s specifications – with satisfaction guaranteed.

Honing of engine components, compressors and hydraulic cylinders

Honing is essential for proper functioning of a reconditioned marine engine. Before working on components, we clean them in our on-site wash facility and then prepare them for disassembly and diagnosis. Cylinder liners are checked for cracks around the flange and machined as required. In our Hamburg workshop, we use three different sizes of honing machine. After honing a component, its surface roughness values (Ra, Rz) and cross-hatch finish are restored to the manufacturer’s specifications. Finally, we create a set of measurement records.

Engine Component Reconditioning to Manufacturer’s Specifications

With pistons, we measure the ring grooves and shoulder play, and re-machine where necessary. Cylinder heads are disassembled on site and the various components, e.g. valves, seats and guides, are measured and machined using Chris Marine and Hunger equipment. In addition, the valves are sand-blasted, examined and checked for cracking on the seating surfaces. Using our on-site press, we can also easily replace valve guides. All reconditioned cylinder heads are then pressure-tested at 10 bar and 60 °C.

Testing, reconditioning, repair

Machining of seat surfaces and boring out the seats for oversize valves can be done using our three on-site boring machines. Connecting rods are checked in our Hamburg workshop for cracking on the serrations and bores. If necessary, serrations can be fully rebuilt and bores are machined to their original dimensions. Rods with special cross-cut serrations, e.g. Wärtsilä 20 and 32, are skimmed on our CNC machine. If the small-end bushes are damaged, new ones are freeze-fitted using liquid nitrogen. Big-end cap bolts are also replaced.

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Engine Component Reconditioning
Engine Component Reconditioning
Engine Component Reconditioning
Engine Component Reconditioning
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